VanRO Free Ragnarok Online Server

VanRO is a Ragnarok Online server that is stable and updated every day! We are running on Extremely stable machine with our own compilation kernel taken from Emulator Eathena and Freya combined together. We are proud to present you one of the biggest private Ragnarok Server on the Net and we keep growing day after day! We are based on PK Server because for us, Player killing is the most funny part of the game! VanRO has been running for almost 4 year with database backup each day! We also have Dual guild war system allowing all players around to play during Guild war time!
What is VanRO?
VanRO is an anarchy server where PKing mean ownage! Where people have no rules to fight, where pking is the rule of all. Where anarchy allow people to player killing, steal drops, pking new player and everything!
VanRO is the only Online private server having Hallucination walk working and tons of New customized skills to give VanRO the best gameplay Ever!
VanRO is a big community with over 1500 online players with nices Gamemasters bringing players entertaiment and events.
VanRO is a unique RO mode project that has achieved equilibrium of various hostile and alternative races and professions. Normally games can't cope with huge list of different races. They face two main problems. One problem is lack of variety, everything seems to repeat oneself. Another problem is disequilibrium, when one race becomes dominant in relation to another.
VanRO is one of a small number of games having tackled these classic problems. Having chosen any race, you can enjoy the full value of the game and can't feel oneself as appendage of some other races: you will not make a mistake and will not regret your chose, where it is a Blackmisth or Hunter! They are of equal worth. But for your convenience, we have arranged a racial test. You may pass the test and choose the most appropriate race, according to your preferences in game. We are the only server which follow our owns rhymes and not having always the lastest update to ruins the game funs of players.
Join VanRO Now and meet thousand of friends arround the world and start the real Anarchy Online game!